Darrin Gaudreau


Darrin Gaudreau is a chaplain with Street Hope Peterborough, which operates under the banner of Threshold Ministries.

Darrin surrendered his heart and life to Jesus at age 21.  He was lost, confused, addicted to alcohol and an angry young man who was searching for inner peace from the guilt and shame he felt inside.  Jesus set him free!  Ever since he has desired to share the hope of Jesus with others.

Street Hope Peterborough is a Christ-centered outreach ministry that desires to “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).  All the programs offered by SHP are focused on winning souls for God’s kingdom and helping people build a meaningful relationship with Jesus.  SHP blends practical support mixed with spiritual care in order to share the love of Jesus with broken, lost people.

Darrin’s wife Josephine has been serving Jesus with him since 1990 and she has many gifts and abilities that are uniquely her own, such as her love of poetry and artistic creativity that has been used to touch the lives of many people.


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