Morning Summer Camp!

This summer’s online morning camp is called “Adventures in Science”. It is scheduled for the week of July 12 – 16th each morning beginning at 10:00 am. There will be a button on this page that children can click each day to join the pre-recorded program. Each child should say hello on the Chat to let us know they have arrived, and we will engage with them. Each day there will be a hilarious skit in the science lab with Dr. Petri Oppenheimerstein and his android Flask. There will also be a Bible story and key verse, a science experiment, songs, a craft and snack segment, quiz questions, and a mouse maze game. The week before, we will deliver a bag for each child which will contain crafts for the week and some key ingredients for a daily snack. (Mom’s will need to buy a few items like ice cream and pop etc). The week is free, but spaces are limited, so please register as soon as you are able.

A Sneak Peak into Adventures in Science!

Camp Dates: July 12th-16 at 10am

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Contact Joanne - [email protected] - (647) 960-3501

Joanne Leggat

Camp Coordinator