Hey Richview!

Here’s a quick update on our facility and Executive Pastor search.

Executive Pastor Search

Over the past several months, the Executive Pastor Search Team has been receiving resumes and interviewing candidates. While we have seen many very impressive applicants, we have yet to find a fit for the role. We have withdrawn the Executive Pastor job description from various job boards and we are now asking the Elders Board how we should proceed. Should God so lead, we will take what we’ve learned from the first round and amend the job description so that we have a greater chance of getting the attention of the right candidate. However, this may take more time than expected to find a fit.

Facility Plan

The deacons and elders recently had a joint meeting to agree on goals for 2023. The main goal of the Deacons Board for 2023 is to have a plan for the future of our church facilities. We are hoping and praying that God will help us to have a plan for the facilities that could be executed as early as 2024, depending on how quickly this process goes, and pending church approval. But we are still in the very early stages of this. Under the leadership of Paul Redlich, the board chair, the deacons are in the process of determining which architects we can best work with in order to assess our needs, create a plan, and execute the project.

Let’s pray, that we would be wise and good stewards of the property and finances God has blessed us with, that we might better joyfully lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus. It’s not just the elders, deacons, and leaders who need prayer in this. All of us are the church together, and so let’s all pray that we together would honour God in this project, in whatever way God has called us to participate.

We’re in this together, with God at the helm—and that’s something to celebrate.


Pastor Tyler