I’m thrilled whenever I see newcomers at Richview. I often ask how they found Richview, and I often get the same answer. Most of the time they find us online!

This isn’t surprising at all. The internet has completely changed how we find things. Whenever I look for a service or a store, I do what most people do these days. I Google it. If I’m looking for a barbershop, I google it. I presently go to a barbershop that has a perfect Google Review record—213 5-star reviews. No 4-star, 3-star, or 2-star reviews. All 5-star. Wow! So I went! And I’ve been going there ever since. I spoke with the owner of the shop and he tells me the success of his business is mainly due to the great reviews they receive on Google. They always encourage their customers to give a positive review. They work hard to earn those reviews!

Whether it’s a mechanic, family doctor, tradesperson, or restaurant, I’ll virtually always end up at a place that I could easily find on Google and has stellar Google Reviews. It’s not just me! Most people find what they are looking for by searching on Google first. If a store has poor reviews, or no reviews at all, then people tend to look for a better option.

Looking for a church is no different. More often than not, people are visiting Richview because they looked us up online. They type “churches in my area” and Richview pops up. So what does this mean?

This means our first impression to newcomers isn’t the pastor’s sermon, it’s not the auditorium, or the greeting team, or the friendly people, or the entranceway, or the big bright LED sign on Kipling—it’s not even our website or livestream! The very first impression that we have on most people looking for a church is actually our Google Reviews!

So here’s an incredibly important way that you can reach out to people who are searching for a church. Give Richview an honest, positive Google Review! How has the community of Richview Church had an impact in your life and walk with Jesus? Your review will be visible to anyone who looks us up on Google, so your words could be used of God to bring someone into our community. That’s exciting! (And, hey, if you can’t bring yourself to write a positive review about Richview right now, then I ask that you please give us some more time before you write your review. I’d be happy to talk to you personally about why you wouldn’t be able to give a positive review.)

This is not about self-promotion or bragging on Richview as the best church around—this is really about drawing people to Jesus.

It’s easy to post a review. Many of you have done it before, but if you haven’t: Simply search “Richview Church” in Google (or just click here!). You should see our church’s information on the right-hand column. There will be a button that says “write a review.” A dialogue box will pop up where you can give the review. Note: You need to be signed in to a gmail account to write a review.

Yes, writing a Google Review is a simple and powerful way for you to partner with us in—Joyfully Leading People into a Growing Relationship with Jesus!

Blessings this day,

Pastor Tyler