Hey Richview,

Welcome to the new home of the Pastor’s Perspective! Thank you to all of you who have remembered Laura, Asher, Hannah, and myself over the last month. I’ve had a great time away, with all of the usual challenges of having a newborn. We’re still working on the dozens of meals that the church so graciously provided for us. Thank you! They’ve been so helpful.

The time went by quickly, but I’m eager to be back with all of you. I’m so grateful for our church staff—Bob, Gaius, Jonny, Joanne, Lori, and Bradley—who ably held down the fort for the last month. And as always, I’m thrilled with the many volunteers who are used of God to make all of Richview’s ministries possible.

In the blink of an eye, we are in the middle of the fall season! It was great to see some of our major ministries highlighted over the past few weeks, and I’m excited to begin a new sermon series this Sunday called “Response,” which will—Lord willing—go nine straight weeks. What God has revealed to me through His Word for this series will, I’m sure, be a challenge and encouragement for you.

What we are really aiming at this Fall is increased engagement. We want to create spaces for people to eagerly get involved. There’s no shortage of opportunities! Nursery, Pre-School, Kids, Jr. High, Sr. High, Community Groups, Celebrate Recovery, Music (instrumentalists, vocals, leaders), Stream Team (production, sound, camera, projection, switching), Online and In-Person Hosts, Kitchen, First Impressions (Sunday Morning Ushering, Greeting, Refreshments, etc), Missions Committee, Property Committee, Care Team—and the list goes on. All of these ministries are so vital! Get involved and discover what God can do through you! If you want to let us know you’d like to be involved, go here!

There are also areas of church leadership which require membership to be involved, like Deacons, Elders, and other offices and committees. That’s why it’s so important for you to become a member if you are committed to the work of the church here at Richview. Have you considered membership?

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! Why not ask a friend, neighbour, or complete stranger to meet you there?


Tyler S.