Hey Church!

Let me tell you what’s been happening among the Elders and Deacons concerning the Facility Renewal and Executive Pastor.

The Executive Pastor job description is finalized and we are accepting applications! You can see the posting at RichviewChurch.com/jobs We are trusting that God will give us wisdom and direction in the candidating process. You might be aware of someone in your circles who might be gifted for the position, or you might know someone who knows someone! Be sure to direct them to the job description.

Much of what we hope to do with renewing the facility will be under the umbrella of the Executive Pastor. It’s an enormous project that we want done with excellence. The pastoral team at Richview is always working at seeking God to renovate our hearts for the glory of God, and so renovating the physical space doesn’t usually take priority in our week-in-week-out ministries. The eventual Executive Pastor will be able to spearhead this initiative with great skill and attention, working alongside our Elders, Deacons, and Staff.

There are also many other areas of the life of the church which could use the help of a gifted Executive Pastor. You can read all about them in the job description.

If we do not find a candidate that we firmly believe will help us to move ministry forward, then we will be content with not hiring for this role at this time. We do not have a strict end-date in mind by which we must hire; we are looking for the right fit.

The search committee for the Executive Pastor role includes the Lead Pastor, the Chair of the Elders Board, and a Deacon; namely, myself, Joe Tullo, and Cheri Arthurs. Please pray for us as we seek to honour God with the entire process of identifying, hiring, and onboarding a new staff member.

Pastor Tyler