The Easter season is one of those times that people are more willing than ever to attend a religious service. We want to take full advantage of the opportunities that God gives us! Richview is planning some events in which we would love you to attend, invite, and participate.

There are invitations to these events that you can pick up at the Church Info Center in the foyer that you can hand out to your neighbours, friends, and family. Take two, or take two hundred. We have lots! And we don’t want to throw any out. Go around the block and hand them out to whoever you happen to run into, put them in car windshields, give them to people walking their dogs…go ahead and give one to the dog too! It’s also a great excuse to introduce yourself!

Here are the events we’re excited for this year at Richview:

Lamb Giveaway – April 10, 12:30-2pm (Please Register – Click Here)
We got our hands on some lamb! We have over 200 lamb chops to give away. To who? First of all, to anyone who needs it. Secondly, to anyone who is not yet connected to our church family. So please feel free to invite anyone you know who isn’t part of Richview to take advantage! Households of 1-2 people will get one package of chops, and households of 3+ will get two. Also, any kids who come along to pick up the food will get a treat!

We don’t want to turn anyone away as supply is limited, so we will need you to register at Pickup is at the church’s main entrance on Sunday April 10, 12:30-2pm. Anyone who attends the service that morning can simply pick up their package on the way out.

Walk the Road to the Resurrection – Thursday April 14, 4-7pm
Experience the week that changed everything, the week of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Spend as little or as much time as you’d like at seven interactive stations throughout the main floor of the church, each related to a day of Holy Week. Connect with Jesus through prayer, Scripture, and quiet reflection. Your reflection time will vary, but plan to spend at least 30 minutes at the event. Our hope is that you would have a tender and close time with God.

Good Friday – April 15, 10:30am
Jonny Dotson will be preaching on the deep significance of Communion on Good Friday. We’ll also be taking Communion together. I’m looking forward to this time of contemplating and trusting in Jesus’ sacrifice.

Easter Sunday – April 17, 10:30am
The grave is empty! Jesus is alive! We hope to have everyone participate in our Easter service where we will be celebrating Jesus’ victory! And, once again this year we will be having the Easter Tomb Bunny Garden by the library where children and families can take pictures in front of the garden tomb. You might even be brave enough to pet a bunny!


Pastor Tyler