Starting Point
Pastor Tyler Scarborough

This Thursday at 7pm at Richview, we are beginning an 8-week teaching-and-discussion based program called Starting Point. Go to to learn more. I’ve done this program twice and I can tell you that the teaching is fantastic and the discussion that comes from the teaching is just as good.

Starting Point is perfect for…

If you are someone (or know someone) who is interested in spiritual things, Starting Point is a great place to, well, start! Nothing will go over their head, and yet the teaching is engaging and powerful. This is a great way to invite someone into the life of faith.

If you feel like you are still starting out in faith (or know someone who is), this teaching will jump-start your understanding of God, but more than that, your faith in Jesus. You’re going to discover in this series that faith in Jesus is not an uninformed leap in the dark, but a response to something that happened in history. You’re going to discover that faith isn’t about rule-keeping but love-receiving. You’ll be encouraged and launched into your new life in Jesus.

Perhaps you (or someone you know) are thinking about returning to the life of the church. We’ve all heard the story of someone who was once very involved at church, perhaps as a child or a young adult, and for whatever reason slowly drifted away or suddenly stopped altogether. That person might be you! Starting Point is the perfect place to reset your bearings, get reconnected to Jesus, and get reconnected to community as well.

Maybe you (or someone you know) just want to be encouraged in your faith! The teaching in this program will make your heart skip a few times as you hear the wonderful news about Jesus Christ from perhaps a different perspective than you are used to. Every time I’ve attended this teaching, I’ve come away refreshed!

Now, bear in mind, the people (in the brackets) above are really the heart of this program. This program is all about invitation, invitation, invitation. Who could you invite and attend with? Who are the seekers, beginners, returners, and refreshers in your life? Maybe you don’t have an answer to that right now, and that’s all right! But keep that question in mind for the next time Alpha, Starting Point, Christianity Explored, or another short-term program starts. It’s all about invitation to a brand-new life in Jesus!


Pastor Tyler