As of this week, Bob Fukumoto is our Associate Pastor of Discipleship! It’s been a joy to get to know Bob over the past few months. I wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know him a bit more as well, so we did a bit of an interview:

Bob, tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your personal and ministry background?
Well, I grew up in Etobicoke and have been here most of my life. I have three adult children and five grand-children. My wife Jan died suddenly two-and-a-half years ago. I’ve mainly worked in ministries for eight year segments with the exception of my last opportunity in missions. This work with Romanian orphans lasted 15 years and continues on a volunteer basis!

What is your connection with Richview Church?
I came to Richview as a new Christian in 1979 while in university and was discipled by a “few good men” who took me under their wings. What a blessing this was to be! As a matter of fact, most of what I’ve learned about discipleship and leadership development is based on those relationships, in particular, Jim Rawson and Paul Allen (whom I’m still involved with today!). I became the youth pastor here at Richview in 1988 and this morphed into additional responsibilities including the start up of the small group ministry! I am also blessed to have kept in touch with a few faithful Richview people.

Why have you decided to re-engage here at Richview?
One of the people that I’ve stayed in touch with is Jonny Dotson. Six months ago I remember asking him if there was any help needed with the college and young adult age group at Richview because I thought that this might be an area that I could help with. Then I got a call from Paul Redlich (an elder at the time) and I mentioned the same thing to him. This prompted me to initiate with Pastor Tyler to see if there was a need in that area. Well, one thing led to the next and he asked me if I would consider applying for the associate pastor position that was posted. I respectfully said “no thank-you” because I had retired last year and wasn’t open to working again. Well, we continued to meet and God seemed to be working on us both! So here we are…again!

What are you most passionate about in church ministry?
This is the easiest question. I’ve always been passionate about intentional discipleship and leadership development! This has been my focus whether working formally in the church or at Muskoka Woods Camp or in Romania with our staff, volunteer and orphan community there. The desire to create an environment for discipleship and development started in the 80’s and has grown ever since (not without mistakes being made of course!). I can’t believe that I get to have yet another chance to do this! Thank-you Lord Jesus!

We are looking forward to how Bob will be used of God here at Richview. If you want to get in touch with Bob, he has a new e-mail: [email protected]

Blessings this day!

Tyler S.