What is your mission?

You can wander for years in kids, youth, adult ministry and never actually have a plan? What is it simply put you are trying to accomplish? What are you trying to accomplish in students lives and what is your simple plan to get there. If you don't have one, you will waste years, resources, leaders, youth and your own time. 

Here's a great series for you and your competent leaders (if you have any) to go through.

Videos are below. Notes here

#1 Lostology

#2 Field Work

#2 Resistance isn't futile

#3 Field Work

#3 Notes

#4 Field Work

#4 Notes

#5 Field Work

#5 Notes

#6 Field Work

#6 Notes

Leader Training (adults/students)


Understanding Youth Ministry (video)

Understanding Christian Formation 1 (video)

Understanding Christian Formation 2 (video)

Understanding Youth Culture (video)

Understanding you and your role (video)  (doc)

Working with Individuals 1 (video)

Working with Individuals 2 (video)

Small Groups 1 (video) (doc)

Small Groups 2 (video)

Parents and Other Adults (video)

Working with other churches (video)

Working with schools (video)

Crisis (video)

Developing Learners (video)

Developing Spirituality (video)

Developing Mission (video)

Developing Community (video)

Developing Student Leaders (video) (doc)

Developing Transformational Moments (video)



Urban Youth Ministry Manual

Lead ebook

Mentoring Youth - manual

The Student Leadership Manual for Youth Workers - manual



How to communicate so they will listen (audio)

Small Group Leader Training video(click here)

Leadership Development - Lecture 1 (click here)

Leadership Development - Lecture 2 (click here)

Volunteer Insight Video (click here)

Student Leadership Video (click here)


Developing Youth Leaders(click here)

Developing Student Leaders (click here)

Developing Effective Youth Leadership Team (click here)

The Key to Building ownership in your group (click here)

Training Tools for Developing Student Leaders (click here)





Jan. 8-10   young pastors time out(Great Wolf Lodge)

Feb            Elevation Youth Leaders Conference

May            High School Overflow

August       High School Kickoff Retreat

November   Momentum Jr. High Retreat



January    Jr. High Avalanche Retreat

February   Senior High Blizzard

October    Youth Leader Retreat



November             Jr. High Retreat

February/March    SnoCamp Retreat

April 29-30            Youth Ministry Leaders Summit



May                      High School Pitch and Praise Retreat

September           Jr. High Pitch and Praise Retreat




October    Change Conference


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Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12


Lesson 1 - Who is Jesus?

Lesson 2 - Why did Jesus die?

Lesson 3 - How can I be sure of my faith?

Lesson 4 - Why do I pray?

Lesson 5 - Why should I read the Bible?

Lesson 6 - How Does God guide us?

Lesson 7 - How can I resist evil?

Lesson 8 - Why should I tell others?

Lesson 9 - Does God Heal Today?

Lesson 10 - What about the Church?



Beat the Addiction

Bible History

Broken Vessel

Broken Will

Carrying Your Friends

Check Your Pulse - Week 1 Prayer

Check Your Pulse - Week 2 Lead

Check Your Pulse - Week 3 Leadership

Check Your Pulse - Week 4 Share Your Faith

Check Your Pulse - Week 5 Equipping You For Christ

Colossians - 8 part series

Crime Scenes from the Bible 1

Crime Scenes from the Bible 2

Crucified with Christ

David - Lesson 1

David - Lesson 2

David - Lesson 3

David - Lesson 4

David - Lesson 5


Escape the Trap

Evangelism for my life

Evangelism for my life 2

1 Timothy Booklet

16 Emergency Lessons

Joseph, a model of integrity

Q - Being Countercultural 1, 2

Q - Engaging Post Christian World 1, 2

Every Young Man Series

Faith Works

Guy mets girl sermon pack

Guy Talk/Girl Talk

How not to be a fool

intimacy with Jesus

James - 9 Part series

Life Hurt, God Heals

Love Story - Ruth

Love the Word

My Secret

Not even a Hint

Paul's Guide to the Top


Revelation Studies

Rooted in the NT

Seeker Sins

Seeker Series

Shame and Regret

Share Jesus without Fear

Simply Jesus Curriculum

Small Group Sweat Bible Studies


Teen/Parent Curriculum

The Donkey

The Great Pretenders

The Intimacy of Abiding

The Purity Code (6 part series)

The remedy for pain and fear

The Seven C's

The ultimate Sacrifice

Thinking Higher - 7 Part Series

Tongue Tied Lesson

We, You and I Curriculum

Welcome to the Family Series

Wii - Mii Bible Study Series



31 Day Prayer Challenge

48 Prayer Activities

A Power Packed Prayer Life

Corporate Disciplines

Creative Bible Study Methods

Eat this Bible Reading Plan

Five Minutes with God

How to have a meaningful quiet time

How to read the Bible

How to study the Bible

The Lord's Prayer

Prayer Stations

Solitude like Jesus

Solitude like Jesus 2

Solitude like Jesus 3

Spiritual Health Assessment

Spiritual Dryness

Submission like Jesus

Submission like Jesus 2

The Discipline of Meditation

wake Up - 21 Devotionals


Bubble Soccer (details)

Cedar Point Info (doc)

Canada's Wonderland (doc)


Games Night (doc)

Great Pumpkin Hunt (details) (clues) (clue chart) 

Gong Show (doc)

Great Pumpkin Hunt (details, poster, permission form, info letter to other groups, passport, map)

Gross Out Night (doc)

Improv Olympics (doc)

Inner City Lockin (doc)

KGB (details, poster, fugitives, letter to family, team instructions, clues, clue chart, clue answer, training)

Laserquest (doc)

Movie Night

No Talent Night (doc)


Progressive Dinner - Go from home to home have different courses of meals. (doc)

Retreats - Summer Sauble Beach (doc) (details) (menu)

Six nations (Brantford Cross Cultural Experience)

Strobe Light, Pillow Fight, Belly ach'n Night (food list) (details)

Upshot Arrows (details) (video)(contact info for deal)