Accessibility Procedures & Law


RBC Process (doc)

Churches Guide to Accessibility (pdf)

Compliance Plan (pdf)

Long Form Church Policy AODA (pdf)

Charity Law Bulletin: Preparing for New AODA (pdf)


Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God (pdf)

Disability and the Gospel (pdf)

Call me friend (pdf)

Engaging Game Changers (pdf)

Pathways to Belonging (pdf)

Shout for Joy (pdf)

Start with Hello (pdf)

We've Got This (pdf)

Physical Accessibility


Firm Foundations: An Architect and a Pastor Guide Your Church Construction by Lance Moore, Daniel Michal



Accessibility Audit, United Methodist Church

Overview of Updated Accessibility Requirements


Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ministry of Housing

Ontario’s 2012 Building Code – Barrier-Free Design Amendments, Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ministry of Housing

Children & Youth


Steps, Forming a Disability Ministry by Shelli Allen and Linda Barboa

How to make your Church Autism Friendly by Stephen J. Bedard

Let all the Children Come to Me by Malesa Breeding, Dana Hood, and Jerry Whitworth

Autism and Your Church by Barbara Newman

Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities by Barb Newman

Children’s Ministry Pocket Guide to Special Needs: Quick Tips to Reach Every Child, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Special Needs Ministry for Children: Creating a Welcoming Place for Families

Whose Children Have Special Needs by Pat Verbal



Lifeway – Special Needs Ministry

Ministry Tools Resource Centre



Everyone’s Welcome!: Tips for Including Children with Autism and Learning Challenges in Children’s Ministries by Sue Riley

Blindness & Low Vision


The Tactile Heart: Reflections on Theology and Blindness by John M. Hull

Turning Barriers Into Bridges: The Inclusive Use of Information and Communication Technology for Churches in America, Britain, and Canada by John Frank



Association of Christian Ministries to the Blind http://www/

Torch Vision for Sight Lost

Deaf and Hard of Hearing


A Guide to Deaf Ministry: Let’s Sign Worthy of the Lord by DeAnn Sampley

Deaf Diaspora: The Third Wave of Deaf Ministry by Bob Ayres



Do you hear What I hear? By Jeremy Weber, Christianity Today April 8, 2010

Mental Health


Darkness Is My Only Companion: A Christian Response to Mental Illness by Kathryn Greene-McCreight

Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission by Amy Simpson, Marshall Shelley

Grace for the Afflicted: A clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness by Matthew S. Stanford

Mental Health: The Inclusive Church Resource by Jean Vanier and John Swinton



Mental Health Ministries

Working Group for the Promotion of Mental Health in Faith Communities

Faith and Hope Ministries



Living well and Dying faithfully: Christian Practices for End-of-life Care by Joh Swinton

Changing Places: A Christian’s Guide to Caring for Aging Parents by Rand Corporation



On the Topic of Aging by Christianity Today

Theology and Disability: Providing Pastoral Care to the Aging by Jamie Butcher