Worship Team Basics


5 tips for leading more God centered & engaging worship (click here)

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People are from Mars, worship leaders are from venus (click here)


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Worship Basic #1 (click here)

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Creating Flow in Worship Service


5 foundational components (click here)

5 strategies for worship leaders to connect songs (click here)

6 ways to better connect worship services (click here)

Minimize the distractions (click here)

Songs, transitions and flows (click here)


Creating flow transitions (click here)

Music transitions, using the V chord (click here)

Transitions in worship (click here)

Why sing so many cross centered songs (click here)

Worship Central Tutorial (click here)

Creating and Maintaining Flow Lecture #1 (click here)

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The Art of Worship Leading


A theology of worship leading (click here)

Back to the heart of worship (click here)

Effectively using visual arts in worship (click here)

Worship as art or design (click here)

Getting back to the heart of worship (click here)


Church Music Administration #1 (click here)

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Creating a setlist (click here)

Essential Worship Insights (click here)

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Praying during worship (click here)

Planning and the Holy Spirit in Worship (click here)

Effective Vocals


Setting yourself apart (click here)

10 practices for vocalists (click here)

How to enhance stage presence (click here)

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Worship Vocals (click here)

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