What time is the Sunday service?

10:30 a.m.  Be sure to come early to register your kids into their programs and find parking off of Clement Rd. There is always free coffee and tea available.


How long are worship services?

Worship services typically last about 70 minutes. Following Sunday morning services, people are invited to enjoy connecting with each other in the Lobby. On many Sundays, there is an invitation to stay in the auditorium for extended prayer or worship, though this is completely optional. Children need to be picked up by parents/guardians immediately at the close of the morning service.

Where do I take my children?

We have a Welcome Centre in the Lobby. Welcome materials and personnel are available to assist you and to make your family’s visit safe and fun! 

What if I have a baby?

Richview is bustling with babies! We have an excellent nursery program and facilities, well-staffed with caring volunteers. Nursery care is available to you even on your first visit to Richview. Come to the Welcome Centre in the Lobby to receive instructions and register your child. Of course, if you wish to keep your baby with you during the service, you are welcome to do so.

Is there a dress code?

No. Our desire is for people to feel comfortable “as they are” when they come to church. We have people who attend in every style of clothing, from more formal attire to completely casual.

What is the music like?

We have rotating worship leaders who lead us through God-centered, band led, upbeat and lively worship music. This is usually a combination of current songs and a few classic hymns. You are welcome to stand, sit, kneel, dance, sing or observe as you feel comfortable participating.

If I'm new to Richview, will I be centered out?

Not at all! We have many visitors each week who join our worship services so you won’t be alone. You also won’t be asked to identify yourself but we do offer information for those who would like to know more, request contact from the church or get involved in our programs. We are an all ages, all nations church.

Getting Connected


We host several entry level opportunities throughout year that allow you to get to know others, but if you really want to speed up the process get into a 'community group' or 'serve' on a team. Below are some of the great ways to meet some new faces, and get a glimpse of who we are and what were about.


  • FOUNDATIONS (quarterly on Sunday's) - a 6 week series for your questions and taking next step
  • ALPHA (2x a year) This 11 week series happens around tables with dinner, and conversations. 
  • STARTING POINT This 8 week series happens around tables wit dinner, and conversations.
  • COMMUNITY GROUPS - gatherings of four to twelve people meeting each week in homes in and around Ethe GTA to study the Bible, pray and support one another.