Practical Issues in Missions


Cross Cultural Issues(click here)

God centered Christian(click here)

What do missionaries wish they had known before they first went? (click here)

The unexpected sacrifices in the mission field(click here)


Do I have to be a pastor to be a missionary? (click here)

Hardest thing for a missionary(click here)

How do I know if I am being called to missions? (click here)

I'm Christian(click here)

Missionary Calling/Missionary Preparation(click here)

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Statistics-Think Missions(click here)

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Practical Issues #2


Avoiding Burnout(click here)

What about poverty?(click here)

Avoiding Burnout(click here)

Discouragement and Honouring God(click here)

How long does it take to learn a language?(Click here)

Intentional Financial Discipline(click here)

Missions and Family(click here)

Preparing for the mission field as a student(click here)

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Missions in Book of Acts


19 Basic Missions Principles from Book of Acts (click here)

Basic Mission principles from Acts (click here)

Mission Planning in Acts(click here)

Mission methods of the Apostle Paul(click here)

The Church continuing what Jesus began(click here)

Missions and the Book of Acts (click here)

The First Missionary(Click here)

Paul's Missonary Journey's (click here)

He began to send them out 2x2(click here)

Patterns for Ministry(acts)(Click here)


The book of acts in 3 minutes(click here)

Paul's first missionary journey(click here)

Paul's 2nd missionary journey(click here)

Paul's 3rd missionary journey(click here)

Apostle Paul Lesson - first journey(Click here)

Apostle Paul Lesson - first journey continues(click here)

Map-timeline of Paul's journey's(click here)

We must(click here)

God's Mission in Motion(click here)

Calling and Mission(click here)

Bottom Up, Not Top Down(click here)

Who is a missionary(click here)

Missions teams as part of strategy(click here)

God's Word as missions strategy(click here)

World Perspective


Missiology - the church and global(click here)

Global Perspective on Missions (click here)

Missio Dei and Missional Church(click here)

Mission Frontiers(click here)

6 Ways to resource world(click here)


The Call to the Unreached(click here)

How a Pastor Fuels Global Missions(click here)

I am a missionary(click here)

Intro to Global Missions(click here)

1568 unreached people groups on earth(click here)

Unreached people groups(click here)

Unreached People groups 2(click here)

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Cross Cultural Principles


Mission Essentials(click here)

Mission Frontiers(click here)

Introduction to Cross Cultural Missions(click here)

Cross Cultural Ministry(click here)

Paul's Principles for Cross Cultural Missions(click here)


Cross Cultural Ministry(click here)

Cross Cultural Ministry #2 (click here)

Cross Cultural Ministry #3 (click here)

Sharing Christ with the World(click here)

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Missions Anthropology


Cultural Anthropology(click here)

The Anthropological approach to Missions(click here)

Anthropological Insights for missions(click here)

What in the World is Missiology?(click here)

Anthropology and Missions(click here)


Naming the Unreached and Unengaged(click here)

What is the purpose of Man?(click here)

Movements in the Biblical Anthropology(click here)

Lecture #1(click here)

Lecture #2(click here)

Is there any hope for man?(click here)

Introduction to cultural anthropology(click here)

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