Leadership Team (All members are staff)

  • Jonny Dotson - Director of Youth

    Jonny grew up at Richview and started on staff November 2016. He is not John the Baptist (but has played him in several cost overrun church productions...) 

    He's Etobicoke through and through! He loves food and relationships. Foosball and other games are where his skills really shine. One of his favourite verses is 1 Peter 2:9 "But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light."

    He works mostly afternoons and evenings like all Great Youth leaders and is building a great team of Youth leaders around him!

    Contact: jonnyd@richview.org  (647) 979-7845

  • Rick Lynd - CARE PASTOR

    Rick loves God, loves people. 

    'nuf said. 

    You need someone to talk to. click below.

    Email: ricklynd@hotmail.ca


    Barth is one of the smartest people on planet earth and he will not tell you that. So you can check him out

    Barth's first 50 years in a four page comic

    What would your first 50 years look like in a comic?

    If you're a Jesus follower, how does everyone else view you?

    What kind of aroma are you giving off?

    What would people say a month after you are gone?

    Email: netterfield@astro.utoronto.ca


    Joe has been a elder for many years at Richview. Came to personal faith in Jesus as a 20-something Catholic. Yes, you can do that. He is a Catholic Christian. There are lots of Catholics who think they are going to heaven because they know God, but if you haven't made Jesus your life leader you are lost. 

    Want to discuss this over meals in a safe place with Joe and others?

    Want to just have free meals for 12 weeks? He is candid, loves Jesus, loves people and is passionate about wanting the younger generation to fill the seats of Richview and churches across Canada. He is constantly learning what healthy churches are doing to reach youth and their neighbourhoods and heart breaks when young people walk away. 

    He is so teachable and just seeks truth above all else.

    Email: jtullo@jlt.net

  • David COOK -ELDER

    Dave and his wife Cathy live out Jesus on the University Campuses of Northern Toronto.

    He's been an elder for just two years, but is known as "coffeehousedave". You want to talk great words about Jesus, connect with Dave at a coffee shop and the greatest words will come from his lips and you can plagarize him (as he plagarizes God).

    Email: coffeehousedave@gmail.com


    Joanne is brand new to the Richview Family (May 2018). She has been passionate about leading kids to Jesus for over 30 years and does not plan to stop. Her creativity and passion for kids and families are so needed in Etobicoke.

    Email: joanneleggat@gmail.com